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Health and nutrition – pure drinking water to enhance your well-being

SWS Wasserfilter für Ihre Gesundheit & Ernährung

Health & Nutrition

Health and nutrition – pure drinking water to enhance your well-being

The SWS before and after effect

Obtain pure, cell-permeable water with our
multistage premium water filtration systems

Without SWS water filtrationWith the SWS water filtration
Without SWS water filtrationWith SWS water filtration

The premium water filtration units by Swiss Water Systems all have one overriding goal:
To give people access to pure, cell-permeable water. In terms of your health and your nutrition, it is the optimal water for body, mind and soul, and your body will thank you for drinking it daily.

What water means to your health

Most of our body is made of water

Water is the fundamental basis of every human being’s daily diet. In our body it fulfills two core functions: on the one hand it serves as a solvent so that our cells can be supplied with the nutrients we need and on the other it serves as a means of transport so that used material can be transported away and excreted via the kidneys. However, in order for the water you consume to reach its full potential, a number of requirements must be met:

  • it must be unpolluted (it must contain no harmfull substances like for exemple fungicides, pesticides, microplastics, drug residues or hormones etc.)
  • its pH-value should be in line with the physiological pH-value of our blood
  • it should be highly energized and restctured
  • it should be low in minerals

Only when these conditions are met can your organism run at full speed. A healthy atmosphere in the body improves your health – completely independent of your age. Your own self-healing powers will surprise you.

The key factor regarding nutrition
The human body’s ability to self-regulate depends on one key variable: intracellular water saturation. Most of our body is made of water and this is especially true for our organs. Only with optimal water saturation can we achieve optimal performance. Acid-base balance, body temperature, metabolism, energy balance – water is essential for regulating our bodies for optimum health.

Insufficient water supply, in turn, leads to impurities that can be the basis for a wide range of diseases. From skin rashes to metabolic disorders, allergies, autoimmune diseases and psychological problems – everything can be due to an insufficient water supply or a supply of low-quality water.

SWS Wasserfilter für Ihre Gesundheit & Ernährung

Which unit is the right one for me?

Investing in one of our premium water filtration units not only makes sense from a health perspective, but is also financially rewarding. The cumulative cost of purchasing bottled water far exceeds the initial cost of a Swiss Water Systems purification unit.

Water, health and nutrition

Authentic taste sensations – the
the SWS refining units make it possible

You will perceive your coffee or tea as more aromatic, you will need less salt & sugar and your food will stay fresh longer. Besides the fact that you will no longer need to rely on flavor enhancers, the water from our premium water filtration systems also improves the quality of your food. When you clean fresh produce with the filtered water, you remove impurities and wash out toxins. You can also use the water in your own garden to water your plants, herbs and homegrown vegetables. Pure water is the optimal choice for your health and nutrition.


Water is not food! 
Your body needs water to ensure that your cells are supplied and used materials are transported away. It serves as a solvent & transport medium, not as food. When water is pure and cell-permeable, it can best perform these important functions. Hence, if your drinking water is already filled with suspended solids and minerals, the water will not be able to do its job as effectively. Do something good for yourself and support your body with water from our premium water filtration systems, which guarentee that your water is pure, energized and structured. Contact us – we will gladly advise you!

SWS Wasserfiltersysteme Vorteile für Ihre Gesundheit & Ernährung

You are member of the „mineral water team“?
Do not let the advertising messages of the industry mislead you. In its original form, water contains little or no minerals. Suppliers of mineral water merely enrich the water. Since the human organism relies on natural nutrient combinations for the absorption of certain substances, you can only actually absorb a fraction of the minerals contained in the water. You absorb the majority of the nutrients your body needs through your diet, and minerals are certainly one of them.

SWS Wasserfiltersysteme Gastro-Konzept

You need a concept for catering?

The gastronomy version of our premium water filtration systems for businesses is 100% customizable and fully oriented to your needs. Due to the modular design, there are no limits for us and we can design the perfect system for your company and for best health & nutrition.